MUMS Opera 2015 - Acis and Galatea Review

The following review of the Saturday night performance of Acis and Galatea is written by Music Student Anna Baker:

Nothing quite warms the soul like a healthy serving of hearty Baroque opera on a cold January evening. Manchester University Music Society delighted audiences with their enchanting performance of Handel's Acis and Galatea; brimming with exciting dramatics, frolicking and phenomenal stage play, this was an event to cherish.

The career of a classical singer is normally only made after a certain maturing of the voice. Those members of the audience unaware of this fact would have left the performance none the wiser, as from the opening chorus, the only sign of the voices being young was that of the sheer vitality and zest that accompanied their performance. Cillian Donaghy and Mathilda DuTillieu McNichol enthralled us as the title characters, supported by a euphonious, toga-clad chorus. Our Galatea in particular displayed real maturity in her tantalising duet with Acis, to which he responded with startling perusal. Another commendable role was that of Polythemus by Tim Edlin; raw, callous and masterfully performed. Each member of the cast performed with a terrific command of character, aided by the accompaniment of the orchestra directed by Ellie Slorach and impressive stage direction devised by Freya Turton. 

To congratulate every talent who made the performance such a success would be the least they deserved; however, to do their hard work real justice in such a short review would be impossible. I say only this: mark your diaries for next January now. It will be challenge to surpass the quality of this production but one I am certain that MUMS will rise to yet again for next year.

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