October Auditions

Sign-ups for the October round of MUMS auditions are now available. These will take place on Wednesday, October the 8th in the Martin Harris Centre. You can sign up at the following address: https://admin.mumusicsociety.co.uk/auditions.

These auditions are for those who were unable to sign-up to the earlier round of auditions. 

If you have any queries then please contact personnel@mumusicsociety.co.uk.

All candidates should prepare a piece of their choice. The panel will hear no more than 3 minutes of this, so you may choose to start wherever you like in the piece. Please bring a copy for the panel. There will be no accompanist. Percussionists can offer 2 short pieces, one tuned one non-tuned.

Please also prepare the excerpts listed below, which are from Mahler’s Symphony No.4 unless otherwise stated. You should practice and play the upper part in any divisi sections, sections are listed by rehearsal number and not bar number. Parts can be downloaded and printed from: http://imslp.org/wiki/Symphony_No.4_(Mahler,_Gustav).

Woodwind players can offer a doubling instrument if they wish, but this is not compulsory.

1st movement: Fig 10-14, 18-21,
2nd movement: 12-end
4th movement: beginning-3
Piccolo (from 3rd flute/ picc)
2nd movement: 13-end
3rd movement: 10-11
4th movement: 2-4

1st movement: 2-5, 11-15
2nd movement: 12-end
3rd movement: 1-4
3rd movement: 6-9
4th movement: 3-9

1st movement: beginning-3, 8-13
2nd movement: 9-13
3rd movement: beginning-3

Eb clarinet (from 2nd cl/Eb)
1st movement: 15-2 after 17, 24-end

Bass clarinet (from 3rd cl/bass)
1st movement: 5-11 (bass cl bits only)
2nd movement: 12-end

1st movement: 18-end
2nd movement: beginning-6
3rd movement: 3-6

1st movement: 11-16
2nd movement: 10-end

(Vaughan Williams – Toccata Marziale) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b2ueuep03hvvyhs/AADY6Jn4snmYk4yi6qCpqFEca?dl=0
Beginning to figure 13, on any of soprano, alto, tenor, baritone

1st movement: 18-end
2nd movement: beginning to 5
3rd movement: 6-9
From 4th horn: 1st movement: 14-17

1st movement: 15-end
3rd movement: 3-9
4th movement: 3-5

Trombone & Tuba (Mahler – Symphony No.5) http://imslp.org/wiki/Symphony_No.5_(Mahler,_Gustav)
Tenor Trombone
2nd movement: 19-25
3rd movement: 13-17
5th movement: 23-27, 34 – end
Bass Trombone
2nd movement: 19-25
3rd movement: 24-26
5th movement: 21-27
1st movement: 11-12
2nd movement: 19-20, 33-end
3rd movement: 15-17

Euphonium (Holst – The Planets, tenor tuba part) http://javanese.imslp.info/files/imglnks/usimg/0/06/IMSLP53304-PMLP33488-Holst-Planets.Tbn3Tuba.pdf
Mars: beginning-6
Jupiter: beginning-8

Timpani & Percussion
2nd movement: 13-end
3rd movement: 12-end
1st movement: 13-20
1st movement: 16-17

1st movement: beginning-3, 11-12
2nd movement: 1-2
3rd movement: 2-4
4th movement: 12-13

1st movement: 1-5
2nd movement: 5-6
3rd movement: 7-9

1st movement: beginning-4, 23-end
3rd movement: beginning-1, 4-5
4th movement: 3-6

1st movement: beginning-6, 21-end
2nd movement: 10-end

1st movement: 13-17
3rd movement: 12-end
4th movement: 2-13


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