MUMS Committee: A digest

The last committee meeting was held on 23rd October 2013. Here is what was discussed: We discussed some of the big things of the year: opera, tour, christmas party and concertos. The opera was coming along nicely and the interviews were being arranged; tour is definitely happening with about 83 people signed up (things like hard cases for instruments are being organised and the payment for the remainder of the money will be in 2 further installments); the christmas party is happening on the 9th December at the Circle Club and is shaping up to be a fantastic event; the process for applying for concertos will soon begin, although the system may differ from last year and involve a heavier focus on a live audition, rather than having to arrange a recording of the candidate playing a concerto (this still needs to be decided). The room booking system was outlined by the Head Concert Manager: She must book rooms for rehearsals and split up time for conductors (in agreement with Mark heron) and make sure that the numbers of players in each room don't exceed a certain number for health and safety reasons. MUMS lunchtime concerts do not get rehearsal space until the day of the concert unless they are a pre-existing ensemble, as outlined in the ensemble section of the website. Hoodies designs are being finalised and the Grade-one-athon is being discussed with the people at Oxjam.

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