MUMS Committee Meeting: A digest

The last MUMS committee meeting was held on 2nd October 2013. Here are some of the major things discussed:

During the meeting, we discussed the success of Welcome Week and recruiting members; despite the flaws with the system in place we still managed to sign up close to 400 members so far, not including the vast majority of MUWO and MUSO members, and those who still need to pay. Soon all personnel and concert managing tasks will be done via the MUMS database (including emailing and attendance) so that people can only be seated in ensembles if they have paid their membership fee.

There also was a consensus that we re-design the MUMS hoodies, perhaps to the extent where we actually offer sweatshirts or zipped hoodies instead. The design would still need to be further discussed when it came round to advertising them

Beth Haworth, our Communications Officer is still looking for a team of writers to write reviews of the concerts for the website and potentially for the Mancunion. This would be really useful to gain experience and to boost the visibility of MUMS.

Tour was discussed. The need to get information out to people was decided for example, that the for £75 deposit is 21st October; this is non-negotiable as an external tour company is being used. The second installment is not needed until Semester 2, as to give people chance for Student Loans to come in. Encouraging instrumentalists who are non-MUMS members is fine, as tour is for anyone who wants to play, so bring along your family and friends; particularly those who play instruments we may need! Conductors at each rehearsal are to announce about going on tour. The repertoire will be announced shortly.

Potential of having a MUMS Vaganza lunchtime concert for those who didn't quite make the NMNW concert this semester, as Richard Whalley said the standard was extremely high and it would thus be a shame to let some of the good compositions slip by.

Ad Solem are going on tour to Ireland 26th October for a choir festival having been given funding to go. Possible 1st prize of £2000, but there are also 2nd and 3rd place prizes. If they win, singers are to be reimbursed the money and the rest will go back into funding Ad Solem in future.

The Opera will be announced next week!

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