MUWO Concert

MUWO are back with their first concert of the year! Led by second year conductors, their programme is bound to delight.

Soloists Harry Smith and Hamish Brown (along with Sophie Sully and James Waymont) take to the stage to deliver an incredible performance of Alarcon's Concertango.

But that is only the tip of a dazzling musical iceberg, with the wind orchestra demonstrating their truly fearsome prowess through a number of exciting performances:

Bernstein- West Side Story Suite
Hanson- Chorale & Alleluia
Camphouse- Watchman, Tell us of the Night
Adam Swayne- Go Down Hoe- Down
Copland- Hoedown from rodeo

Tickets: £10/ £7/ £3 / FREE for MUMS MembersYung-96 - Silver Metallic