MUMS Committee 2016/17 - Appointed Positions


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Submissions for this form are closed.

If you're interested in going for one of the appointed positions on the MUMS committee 2016/17, all you need to do is fill out the form below. 

Interviews for the positions will be held shortly, applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview date. You will usually be interviewed by the new President/Secretary, and the person / one of the people who holds the role in the committee this year.

Personnel Managers (x~3)

The Personnel Managers are responsible for organising the general MUMS auditions in September, October and January, and the Solo Concerto Auditions. They then work as a team to organise seating for the MUMS ensembles, and help players find deps for rehearsals. Generally a Personnel Manager is assigned to each individual instrumental section: strings, woodwind or brass based on their previous experience.

Programming Managers (x~2)

The Programming Managers arrange the concert programmes for most of the MUMS ensembles, in conjunction with Mark Heron and the Soloists for the year. They also organise repertoire and ensembles for the lunchtime concerts, as well as the writing and printing of programmes to be sold at concerts. In 2014 and 2015 the two managers split the role into evening concerts / lunchtime concerts, but it will be up to the 2016/17 managers if they wish to share the workload differently.

Concert Managers (x~8)

The Concert Managers run the rehearsals and stage manage the concerts. This involves taking attendance, organising music handouts and liaising with the MHC staff and the Head Concert Manager to ensure equipment and rooms are arranged and ready when they are needed.


The Librarian is responsible for locating and organising all of the orchestral music hire (and choral music where appropriate) through the president, department and society Treasurer with the information provided by the Programming team. The Librarian also needs to work with the Concert Managers to make sure that the music is ready in time for rehearsals to start and that all music is collected in after concerts.

Web Administrator

The Web Administrator is responsible for maintaining the domain and website. They also are responsible for helping out with general IT issues within the committee, such as providing email, maintaining the MUMS database, and working to provide new tools such as electronic payment methods (iZettles). Some relevant technical experience (ie HTML/CSS Programming Experience) would be advantageous, but is not strictly necessary.

Communications & Social Media Manager

The Comms Manager is responsible for distributing information and communiques internally within the society, maintaining the Society’s Social Media presence and also for responding to general enquiries. They also put together the the weekly “MUMS Sunday Update” that goes out to all members, and alongside this they work to improve the Social Media used by the Society as well as coming up with new strategies for getting the “word of MUMS” out to the wider (public) world.

Outreach Manager

Responsible for developing outreach activities and forming links between the society and the local community. For example this can include educational links with local schools or links with local hospitals. Also responsible for building links with other societies within the university that are related to the arts and forging and building relationships with those.

Ad Solem Manager

These managers are responsible for organising their respective ensemble, including organising programming and other logistics in conjunction with Academic Staff, the Programming Team and the Head Concert Manager as appropriate. This could also include arranging concerts outside of the MHC, such as Ad Solem’s regular concerts in local places of worship. For a more detailed description of what is required of each manager, please contact the current holder of the role - details can be found on the committee page of the website.

Applications have now closed.
If you still wish to register your interest in a position, please email - but we cannot guarantee your application can be taken into account.


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