MUMS Opera Auditions

Auditions for lead roles in Acis and Galatea are now scheduled to take place on the 10th November from 6 - 9pm and on the 13th November from 4 - 7pm. Anyone auditioning for a lead role will also be considered for the chorus, however there will also be chorus only auditions (details below). For a lead role audition, we ask that you submit a short CV detailing your previous experience and prepare the following extracts for the role that you are auditioning for:

  • Acis (Tenor): "Love in her eyes sits playing" (with preceding recit: "Lo! Here my love")​
  • Galatea (Soprano): "Heart, the seat of soft delight" (with preceding recit: "'Tis done")​
  • Polyphemus (Bass): "O ruddier than the cherry" (with preceding recit: "I rage")​
  • Damon (Soprano/Tenor): "Shepherd, what art thou pursuing?" (with preceding recit: "Stay, shepherd, stay")

The role of Damon can be played by either a soprano or a tenor, so we will be auditioning both voice parts. It is expected that you know the opera and the role that you are applying for very well by these auditions.


Auditions for the chorus will be taking place on Friday 14th November 3-6pm. For these auditions, we ask that you prepare any Handel aria for your voice part.

Please reply to by 5pm on Saturday 8th November for lead role auditions and 5pm Wednesday 12th November for chorus auditions. A schedule will be assembled and sent out by 5pm of the following day in each case. Please state any times you cannot do, otherwise we will assume that you can make any time. 

Sam Delaney
MUMS President

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